Vocabulary List

Here's a list of useful phrases, words, and slang used on Manta Carlos island.

  • Bleedr: A mobile application and website, not unlike Tinder or Grindr, catering to vampires and those who love them or otherwise want vampires to feed on them.
  • Cracking Open a Boy With the Cold Ones: A euphemism used by some vampires. Sometimes this refers to a consensual behavior where the victim (boy) agrees to be fed on by the vampires (cold ones). This can also refer to an illegal off- or on-island hunt for a victim.
  • Crimson Singe: An illegal, hallucinogenic drug in the Underground. It was given its name due to its deep red color and an afterburn that is felt in the chest once the drug is taken. Can be snorted or smoked. Also called: CS, Singing Pretty (such as “man, I was really singing pretty last night”), and burning breast.
  • Hellions: The Hellions are a large group of Christianity-based Demons. They are the sons and daughters of the Princes' of Hell.
  • Immortal Children: The term used for an immortal stuck in the body of a child.
  • Islander: The term for someone born and raised on Manta Carlos island.
  • Juvie Island: The term used by most young islanders to refer to the correctional facility.
  • Normies: A slang term for people who primarily are human, or non-magical. Generally used as an insult.
  • Crusader: A slang term referring to anyone who engages in religiously motivated bigotry against any group, particularly supernaturals.
  • The Narrow Reality: The human world as talked about by mythical beings.
  • The Veil: A shorthand for The Veil of Secrecy. This refers to the process of maintaining secrecy from The Narrow Reality.
  • Satellite Academy: Slang term referring to the Academic portion of the Starlight Observation Station.
  • SOS: Acronym for Starlight Observation Station.
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