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 ======= Vampires ======= ======= Vampires =======
-They feedthey stalk their prey in the night, ​and usually ​they have fangs -- it'vampiresThis is the wikipage ​for all of our different vampire lorescreated by members at Starlight AcademyAs alwaysbear in mind that all that you see here is merely ​**suggestion**or perhaps ​even inspiration ​for your own vampire character! A vampire ​is a mythical being who subsists by feeding ​on the life essence (generally ​in the form of blood) of living creatures+A vampire is a kind of supernatural being who feeds on the life essence of living creaturesusually through ​their blood. Typically creatures of the night, ​most vampires will be severely weakened or mortally injured by sunlight. Sometimes, ​they are considered undead.  
 +Though most commonly recognized in their incarnations from European folklore, creatures fitting this description ​have existed in different mythologies throughout the world. The details from different stories aren't always consistent with each other, so it stands to reason that there would be multiple different kinds of vampire in the world of Starlight Academy, each of which might work very differently from each other. Not all vampires ​in the world of SA will fit the descriptions of vampires found on this wiki page. 
 +===== Blood Availability on Manta Carlos ===== 
 +As in most civilized societies, biting into someone else and drinking their blood without their permission is frowned upon on Manta Carlos. ​This is (unsurprisingly) considered a form of assault. However, vampires still usually need to feed on people'​s blood to survive. The island provides ​for its blood drinking residents, so there are several ways for them to accomplish this without breaking any laws. 
 +First, there is synthetic blood. A complicated process involving cloned bone marrow allows blood banks on Manta Carlos to keep a steady supply ​of blood whichfor most purposes, serves as an acceptable substitute for real bloodThis meets much of the demand for blood both medically and dietarily. Howeverbecause this blood was never in a full living creaturemany vampires do not find it nutritious, it is not useful for most magic, and it can even cause supernatural dysfunctions when used in transfusions ​for some magical creatures or magic users. Anyone can purchase this kind of blood fairly cheaply. Blood from livestock or nonsentient animals is similarly cheap, and many vampires find it adequately nutritious. 
 +Because there is a need for blood from sapient creatures, Manta Carlos has a thriving blood donation community. Blood banks hold frequent and popular blood drives throughout the city, offering incentives such as gift cards, cash rewards, and free snacks and meals. Blood from living creatures is typically much more expensive, but registered blood drinkers can purchase human blood at a greatly reduced price from the Manta Carlos blood bank. Some bars and restaurants cater to blood drinkers. These establishments are allowed to purchase blood directly from donors, employees, and the Manta Carlos blood bank. 
 +Finally, vampires can still feed directly upon other citizens, whether because they prefer it or because they require it. There are businesses on Manta Carlos ​who offer this as a service - this is pricey without the government subsidy for vampires who require direct ​feeding. Many consider this line of work to be comparable to sex work, and indeed, ​the two things often overlap. Outside of professional relationships,​ vampires can of course meet consenting adults who allow them to suck their blood. Bleedr - a mobile application ​in the same vein as Tinder or Grindr, allows vampires to connect with people who want to have their blood sucked out.
 ====== Rayana'​s Guide to Vampire Society ====== ====== Rayana'​s Guide to Vampire Society ======
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