A vampire is a kind of supernatural being who feeds on the life essence of living creatures, usually through their blood. Typically creatures of the night, most vampires will be severely weakened or mortally injured by sunlight. Sometimes, they are considered undead.

Though most commonly recognized in their incarnations from European folklore, creatures fitting this description have existed in different mythologies throughout the world. The details from different stories aren't always consistent with each other, so it stands to reason that there would be multiple different kinds of vampire in the world of Starlight Academy, each of which might work very differently from each other. Not all vampires in the world of SA will fit the descriptions of vampires found on this wiki page.

Blood Availability on Manta Carlos

As in most civilized societies, biting into someone else and drinking their blood without their permission is frowned upon on Manta Carlos. This is (unsurprisingly) considered a form of assault. However, vampires still usually need to feed on people's blood to survive. The island provides for its blood drinking residents, so there are several ways for them to accomplish this without breaking any laws.

First, there is synthetic blood. A complicated process involving cloned bone marrow allows blood banks on Manta Carlos to keep a steady supply of blood which, for most purposes, serves as an acceptable substitute for real blood. This meets much of the demand for blood both medically and dietarily. However, because this blood was never in a full living creature, many vampires do not find it nutritious, it is not useful for most magic, and it can even cause supernatural dysfunctions when used in transfusions for some magical creatures or magic users. Anyone can purchase this kind of blood fairly cheaply. Blood from livestock or nonsentient animals is similarly cheap, and many vampires find it adequately nutritious.

Because there is a need for blood from sapient creatures, Manta Carlos has a thriving blood donation community. Blood banks hold frequent and popular blood drives throughout the city, offering incentives such as gift cards, cash rewards, and free snacks and meals. Blood from living creatures is typically much more expensive, but registered blood drinkers can purchase human blood at a greatly reduced price from the Manta Carlos blood bank. Some bars and restaurants cater to blood drinkers. These establishments are allowed to purchase blood directly from donors, employees, and the Manta Carlos blood bank.

Finally, vampires can still feed directly upon other citizens, whether because they prefer it or because they require it. There are businesses on Manta Carlos who offer this as a service - this is pricey without the government subsidy for vampires who require direct feeding. Many consider this line of work to be comparable to sex work, and indeed, the two things often overlap. Outside of professional relationships, vampires can of course meet consenting adults who allow them to suck their blood. Bleedr - a mobile application in the same vein as Tinder or Grindr, allows vampires to connect with people who want to have their blood sucked out.

Rayana's Guide to Vampire Society

by Rayana


Vampires, being already dead, do not need most normal things required for human life, such as oxygen. They often have a pale appearance, and are cool to the touch from the perspective of humans. Vampires are sometimes considered to be shape-shifters. Some vampires can fly. Sometimes this power is supernatural, other times it is connected to the vampire's ability to turn into flying creatures (e.g., bats, owls, and flies) or into lightweight forms (e.g. straw, dust, smoke) and then create winds as a means of propulsion. Vampires typically cast no shadow and have no reflection. Nor can they be photographed. A vampire cannot enter a house unless he or she is invited in. Vampire powers are often limited during the day or in daylight. In some cases sunlight may burn or kill vampires, or they may be comatose during the day.

Vampires may be reluctant to enter or cross bodies of water, particularly running water. There are three main ways to destroy a typical vampire: a sacred bullet, a wooden stake through the heart, or decapitation. This includes other means of death that effectively remove a vampire's head, such as incinerating the body completely.


Vampires are considered mythical or folkloric creatures, typically believed to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and said to subsist on human and/or animal blood (hemophagy), often having 'unnatural powers, heightened bodily functions, and/or the ability to physically transform (Only in weaker vampires to compensate).

Vampirism is the practice of drinking blood from a person/animal. Vampires are said to mainly bite the victim's neck, extracting the blood from a main artery. In folklore and popular culture, the term generally refers to a belief that one can gain supernatural powers by drinking human blood. Vampires may not be photographed but they can enter houses as they please (a fact that makes them the best burglars). Daylight does not hurt them much maybe except giving sometimes serious sunburns, but won't kill them. They have a shadow and a reflection since they have a solid body.

Vampire Characteristics


  • Unnatural strength, about four times as much as an average human as a minimum.
  • Pale skin
  • Sensitive to sunlight, growing less sensitive with age.
  • Unearthly beauty.
  • They are technically immortal as they cannot die of age or sickness.
  • Cold skin at the touch.
  • Technically dead. Basic human needs, such as breathing or eating, are unnecessary. They find all nutrients they need to survive in blood and don't need as much if they feed regularly.
  • Have heightened senses, unnatural speed, agility and reflexes.
  • Their blood is darker in color and becomes darker with age until it turns black.
  • They have inhuman healing rate coupled with saliva containing healing properties.
  • Their eyes turns red when angered or in blood lust*.
  • They have retractable fangs and claws.
  • Feeding on animals is possible, although not satisfying and will require more frequent feeding.


  • They can perform blood magic to a level or another.
  • The older they get the more powerful and influential they are.
  • Some are elementalists or shape-shifters.
  • Powers of the moon can't affect them since they are children to the moon.


  • They have animalistic instincts and are more catlike (compared to werewolves, who are more canine like) in behavior.
  • They are more nocturnal than creatures of the day since their eyes are more sensitive and are hurt by sunlight.
  • They are territorial.
  • They are more solitary and when you come across a group of vampires it is a family (Sire, children, parents, cousins, aunts, grandsire, grandparents, grandchildren etc.) or a coven.
  • They love to hunt and will pursue most things that flee.
  • They are often impulsive and easily angered or emotionless and cold.
  • Most have extreme personalities.

Killing a vampire

  • Beheading
  • Incineration
  • Putting a big stake through one'€™s heart and chest.
  • They cannot drown, get ill or age.


The language used by vampires can be virtually anything, but there is something that is common to all of them: body language. As vampires are aggressive creatures, those featured here will mostly revolve around the dominant and submissive behavioral patterns.


The Growl

It is one of the most commonly used, It is a loud or lower rumble like the exaggerated roll of the 'R'. It can express annoyance, a threat or anger. Usually accompanied by the 'snarl'.

The Snarl

It is a purely threatening expression. You threaten the other that way, like back away or you will regret it. The teeth are uncovered in a non-smile and the eyebrows are set in a frown. The jaws can be parted as well. It can be accompanied by a hiss or a growl.

The Hiss

It is a sound similar to a cat and is used in the threatening of others just like the snarl.

Showing Dominance

When a vampire wants to show they are stronger, they will straighten to full height and square their shoulders, seeking the others gaze to put them back into place. It is often used together with a sneer.

To assert dominance on a downed vampire, the first level is to grip the back of the vampire with their hand and press threateningly with their claws. This is often used as a reprimand or scolding. They will often hold the faulted vampire in place with a tight grip, forcing them to lower their head.

The second level is forcing the vampire to the ground and biting his or her throat. This is often used as punishment or as a harsh reprimand.

Showing Submission

The most common submissive tactic is not to look into the eyes of a more powerful vampire, as looking in anothers eyes is considered a personal challenge.

Taking a step back is considered as submitting when an elder vampire approaches.

Bowing ones head usually prevents an older vampire from going further than the first scolding when they are caught at fault.

Titling ones head back and allowing access to ones throat is the highest level of surrender, besides kneeling to the ground.

The Call

A call is the means for a vampire to communicate over long distances with other vampires. The tone is below a normal human'€™s hearing so only vampires and those with heightened senses can make it out. The more powerful the vampire, the more distance the call can cover. The older the vampire, the less those of younger years can resist it. Young vampires cannot call many and not on long distances. The only exception to all that is the distress call, it is the call that can be heard over the greatest distances as it is a mean of the younger vampires to get rescued When a young vampire is on a blood lust rampage, they unconsciously send a distress call.


Blood lust

When blood cravings overcome a vampires' mind and makes them hunt anything that can give them blood.

Blood magic

Magic performed with the means of blood and an incantation. Usually tracing runes in blood.


A vampire that made another by the way of ritualistic biting. When a vampire awakens a part-vampire, they are as considered their sire, a father or mother so to speak.


Head of a coven having control over the vampire population of a city.


A coven is different from a vampire family. They do not usually share a same bloodline. When a vampire wants to become a master vampire, they gather younger vampires and offer protection from their rightful masters. They have to gain control over a territory, usually involving a city with many humans to feed from, and they will battle against rogue vampires or other masters that want to take their place. A master can control the vampire population in their territory. The vampires not meeting their approval are exiled or killed. Usually the master is a lord or a lady and they form their own bloodline, giving the lordship/ladyship to their chosen blood heir. There is a very strict hierarchy. The master acts as a sort of king, while the others are his vassals. The masters word is law.

Blood heir

A son/daughter or fledgling of a head vampire or heir to a powerful vampire family.


A family's history that can be traced back for many generations. After a while, a family's blood takes a different taste, indicating which heritage the vampire comes from. If a family is formed of blood related born vampires (Father/sons instead of sire/fledglings), the special taste takes less time to stabilize and make itself personalized after a few generations. Not all vampires can join a bloodline.


The process of making a human into a vampire by drinking the soon to be vampire dry and letting them drink the Sires blood, thus sharing the vampires blood line and making the new vampire the Sires fledgling.

Blood enhancing

By drinking the blood of a more powerful vampire, a weaker vampire can become more powerful. Used as a bonding between a master vampire and their close council, to ensure loyalty.

Blood draining between vampires

Can be used as bonding between a wife and a husband by sharing bloodlines, It can be used as a show of dominance between an older more powerful vampire and a younger or less powerful disobeying one.


The child of a non-vampire and a vampire. Before taking on any vampire powers, they must be awakened by another vampire via drinking their blood. They are stronger than the average human and live longer.


The child of a vampire Sire that was turned by them. It is often a word used to describe young vampires.


A just turned vampire.


1-100 years old vampire.

Young vampire

101-500 years old vampire.

Adult vampire

501-2000 years old vampire.


2001 + years old vampire. And elder is an old vampire that is considered wise as a result of their aging. Often sought out by master vampires to be part of their council.

A Vampire's Death

When killed, a vampire's body will decay rapidly, the faster the older the vampire is, from slow human like deterioration (newborn) to instantly burnt to ashes (elder).

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