Starlight Academy

Starlight Academy features elaborate architecture, with predominately Gothic architecture. The buildings feature spiraling towers, arches, ribbed vaults, and lots of indoor lighting. Though the buildings may seem old, they are in pristine condition and even feature the latest of technology and magicks.

When approaching the school, people are greeted by the tall grand iron gates. They swing open to reveal the campus, complete with a bell tower in the center of it all. The tolling of the bells are loud and clear, ringing throughout the entire campus to inform them of not only the time, but when classes begin and end.

Student Life

Students find life comfortable at Starlight Academy. Students who can't afford much are supplied with their own personal laptop, flip phone, and food tickets that can be used daily.

Though the school itself is magnificent, not all of the students are. A school full of fantastical persons can lead to trouble – fighting, stealing, and the occasional attacks are all pressing issues as vandalism becomes more of a problem. Campus security is more than competent however and are often able to diffuse violence among students. Aside from the issues, students are allowed free roam of the campus and are often spread out.

The Dorms

The dorms are quite spacious and homey, as some students will find themselves living here for long periods of time. The architecture is fairly modern in comparison to the rest of the school, as the dorms were recently rebuilt. Each room comes with a personal bathroom, as well as a desk, bed, and other furniture. For students in high school and up, rooms also come with an included kitchen and full sized fridge. Shared rooms also come with a small living area that connects the bedrooms, where the kitchen area is located. The standard for a shared room is two bedrooms, but configurations exist with four, five, or six bedrooms. Dorms are gender neutral, so beings of all genders can share a dorm room.

Students can request a private dorm room, which is evaluated by the school staff and permitted if they meet enough requirements. The only segregation between dorms is age. Students will find their dorms clean, comfortable, and accommodating. Though some may feel bitter about attending the school, they will find that their dorm rooms are a peaceful place. Students who need special accommodations will have their bedrooms modified to meet their needs.

Student Lounge

One of the biggest social hubs on the grounds, the Student Lounge is full of sofas, chairs, soda and snack machines and relaxing music. After school hours students will congregate here to study, converse, and swap stories before they head back to their dorms.

The lighting is calming and mellow, and when it gets dark out the room is illuminated by the soft glow of lamplight. In one corner of the room is a cluster of computers, easily accessible but also greatly desired. Thirty minutes is all they get before they're kicked off and the next in line gets on.

Despite the area being active and populated, study groups are often hosted there as well as club meetings occasionally.


The cafeteria is a place were students like to gather and converse, second only to the Student Lounge. The chairs are the usual type you'd find in a cafeteria, nothing fancy or particularly comfortable, but there's a lot of them, quantity over quality in this case.

What the cafeteria lacks in comfortable seating, it has in its expensive fan system. The temperature in the cafeteria is always cool and comfortable, and somehow the smell from the buffet area dosnt cover the entire cafeteria. And speaking of the buffet, its filled with a different food every weekday.

Monday- Hamburgers Tuesday- Tacos Wedsnday- Wings Thurday- Pizza Friday- Italian Food

Of course there are vegetarian options aswell.

The Infirmary

The infirmary treats all students at the academy for a variety of health care concerns, including colds and flus, power malfunctions, and minor injuries like broken bones and lacerations. The infirmary is a quiet wing that smells faintly of lemon cleaner. Rows of beds are separated by curtains, though each one has a cloaking spell over it to ensure the patient's privacy and to minimize noise. There are several exam rooms lining the hallway to the infirmary, some of which are enchanted to allow magical creatures to transform into their true forms without concern about size, powers, or other supernatural factors. Most patients at the infirmary are there for outpatient or short term care; in the event of extended accommodation, one of the few private rooms are utilized.

While the infirmary has an emergency medical staff, serious cases are usually immediately transferred to the hospital either by ambulance or an emergency portal. Most of the infirmary staff are rotating doctors from the Manta Carlos General Hospital, but there are several full-time physicians and nurses available. The majority of medical students at Starlight Academy intern at the Infirmary. The infirmary uses a combination of magical and non-magical healing methods. Prescriptions and other medications may also be picked up at the infirmary. While the infirmary normally only treats students and staff, during emergencies the infirmary may open its doors to other island inhabitants.

The Ballroom

The ballroom is one of the most grand and breathtaking places in the already impressive Starlight Academy. The ballroom houses an impresive grand staircase with smooth, polished rails, large windows that lead to both indoor and outdoor balconies, and a sprawling view of the exterior of the island. As a rounded room, the windows from the ballroom allow for amazing views of both the sunset and sunrise, as well as spectacular glimpses of the moon. The lower level of the ballroom is primarily for dancing, with firm but forgiving floors capable of housing over a thousand moving feet, while the upper level of the ballroom is primarily used for seating, buffet and banquet tables, orchestras, and the other entertainment. There is a full service bar in each cover on both levels, though the services provided may be limited depending on the function. The ballroom is used for the majority of Starlight Academy's official events, including the Graduation Ceremony and the famous Masquerade Dance.


The Academy take pride in its educational courses. Teachers are hired from all around the world, with classrooms using a special “universal language” enchantment. Students will receive the best education possible here, from basic educational courses, to specialized powers, to the fine arts.

Chalkboards, white boards, and any computerized system used within the school has a universal language enchantment cast over it to make the facilitation of learning available for all students; all homework is completed with the universal language enchantment as well, with the exception of foreign language classes. Specialized help and auxiliary classes are available for students facing learning challenges.

Education as Starlight Academy is firm, but fair. The school is proud of its reputation in helping students achieve, but the school expects students to work hard and be diligent with their studies.

Administration Wing

The administration wing is a hub of activity dedicated to keeping the academy in order. Many of the staff members, including the head mistress herself, have their offices in this wing. Registrations, the IT department, financial aid, and student services are all located in this wing.

The wing itself is not unpleasant to be in. Though impressive with its gothic architecture, the hallway is not intimidating. Potted plants, ample sunshine, comfortable couches to wait on, and an accessible water cooler are all part of the decor. Individual offices are decorated to the occupants taste.

Students experiencing difficulty, whether with class studies, bullying, or behavior problems, are encouraged to come speak to a guidance counselor or adviser in the Administration Wing

The Academy

The Academy follows the structure of the American school education in that it offers courses from Pre-K through College and Graduate Education. Inhabitants of the island are required to obtain a high school education or equivalent.

Due to the varied student population, Starlight Academy is one of the most versatile and innovative schools in the world. The Academy is very student focused and adapts its curriculum to the needs of every individual student. Students are prepared for real world application and taught to function in a modern society alongside a magical one. Classes range from standards like Algebra and Languages to magical specialties like Spellcasting 101 and Advanced Demonology.

Though the academy has a high success rate, it has no tolerance for cheating, plagiarism, or class disruptions. Students are challenged and encouraged to achieve. Rehabilitation is always preferred over punishment, but teachers are not afraid to hand out detentions or merrits when needed.

Power Classes

Power Classes are optional for students who have already exhibited a strong skill set over their gifts, but mandatory for students struggling to control their abilities. Most of the Power classes take place in either the Power Class rooms, many of which resemble a gymnasium with a large pool, a sparring room, or simulated locations like a town or classroom, or outdoors in the Sports Field. Power Classes are typically broken down to beginner, proficient, and advance. Students are required to reach the proficient level prior to leaving the academy if their powers might be a danger to themselves or to others. All Power Class Rooms are enchanted to reset back to normal regardless of what damage occurs to them. Power Class teachers are specially trained in a variety of Power Skill Handling, though many teachers will also specialize in a subarea to help students with their skills.

Empty Rooms

Starlight Academy is a massive school with an amazing enchantment worked into the very building. The school can easily accommodate a large number of students. However, there are many unused rooms hidden throughout the building if a savvy student knows where to look. These rooms are usually vacant either from lack of need, remodeling, or are temporarily closed due to a spell work gone awry. They're the easiest place to grab a nap between classes or study when you don't want someone to find you.

The Arts

Here you can find the extra curricular classrooms, such as the Art Building, the Conservatory, and the tech lab. In these buildings you can study and practice art, music, and technology.

The Arts Wing is one of the most well-loved wings in the academy due to the versatility of the classes found inside. While the arts may include such things as sculpture, painting, photography, they also teach a variety of magical arts including decorative illusions, the playing of magical instruments, and more. The tech lab is divided into two separate sections; one lab helps students unaccustomed to modern technology adapt to the present technology, while the other lab is for the invention and practice of advanced technology.

The Library

Students come here read, study, or just relax, but it is also open to the general public. The library is vast, full of all sorts of books from all around the world. There isn't a book, CD or movie that isn't in this incredible library. The smell of warm books always fills the air. Comfortable chairs and seating areas provide ample study room for students. There are several private study rooms with noise-reduction spells on them as well, giving students the opportunity to work on group projects without disturbing other. The library is massive, with thirteen different floors above ground and several below. Several librarians work on each floor and library pages work around the clock to keep the books tidy and in order. The librarians are friendly and well-informed and are just as valuable resources as the books, movies, CDs, and more housed within the walls.

The library is open 24/7. Library items may be checked out for a period of three weeks, with up to three renewals possible provided there are no holds. Late items automatically return to the library. Should a student damage a book, they are fined the price of the book plus a 10% processing fee.

Reference items may not be removed from the library. Should any students attempt to walk away with a reference item, it will disappear from their possession and reappear on the reference shelf within fifteen minutes.

The library houses many old tomes on magic that are in fragile condition. The school is working to digitize and preserve these books, but it is a work in process completed by library employees and student volunteers. These books may only be read, in the Special Collections section of the library, with special permission. Some of these books are cursed and require special care to handle without injury or property damage - these books are kept inside of individually-sealed magic-proof boxes inside of another magically insulated room inside of special collections - these precautions are in place more to keep the books in, rather than keeping people out.

The Starlight Academy library uses a specially modified version of the Dewey Decimal system that includes special sections for supernatural topics.


Though the inside of the school is charming and magnificent, the outside is full of sights and sounds as well. Prepare to be taken in by the scenery and beautiful architecture of the campus grounds.

The Academy is large enough to be a small town within itself and the sprawling grounds are no exception. The view from the rooftops is beautiful and shows the elaborate gardens in the courtyard, a glimpse of the Lake beyond, the sportsfield where the games are hosted, and the stables.

The Towers & Roof

From the towers and roof, the viewer can see the entire school and almost every part of the grounds. At night, the view is absolutely spectacular. It is possible to view the campus from either the flat roof itself, or the spiraling towers that wind along the sides of the school.

The towers and roof are enchanted to prevent students from falling or jumping. The spell will bring students back up to the top of the roof slowly, as though they were falling in reverse. While the rooftops are technically not off limits, teachers are quick to check here for students who go missing on breaks and are particularly unhappy if students are on the roof in foul weather, despite the enchantments in place.

The roofs are a favorite spot for picnics and silent contemplation. They are relatively quiet and, for the most part, unadorned. However, Powers Classes that involve flight might take place on the roof outside of the powers station. A few of the roof tops have picnic benches, others have solar panels, and a few have small aviaries and other roosts for birds and other flying creatures.


With stone pathways and vast lawns, the courtyard is a rather large expanse of land right outside the school and surrounds it on all sides. There are paths that lead away from the school, along with gardens and benches.

The landscaping in the courtyard is immaculate and relaxing. Small, shady patches of trees and beautiful flowers line the walking paths to and from the buildings regardless of the season. There is a large water fountain dominating the center of the courtyard that is spelled to prevent students from trying to (once again) add bubble bath. Throwing a coin into the fountain is a favored tradition of students desperate for luck on a final exam.

Occasionally, the courtyard will be decorated for the seasons. In the fall, students like to jump into the freshly raked piles of leaves or take a break for a snow ball fight in the winter. In the summer, it is not uncommon for an ice cream cart to be giving out frozen treats and the choir often practices outside in the spring.

Sports Field & Stables

Outside of the campus is a large field that is usually used for sports and school events. At the far end of the field are the stables for horses. While the horses on the Starlight Academy Stable are owned by the school, students who bring their own horses to the academy are able to board them there for a small yearly payment or by taking regular shifts cleaning and caring for the horses.

Starlight Academy has several official teams for each sport. Because Starlight Academy is the only school with an organized sports force on the island, several teams compete against eachother on campus. Every team has an official uniform and mascot, while the cheerleaders root for all teens.

Once every year there is a event similar to the superbowl, in that each team will compete until one is declared the ultimate winner. The winning team then goes on to compete internationally.

For nonmagical sports, students are enchanted at the start of each game to have their powers neutralized to ensure that there is no cheating. However, there are several magical sports that allow this, and many students enjoy unofficial games were using powers adds to the fun.

The Lake

Before the forest lies the lake. It's pretty big and students usually end up swimming here in the summer. In the winter, it's a popular spot for ice skating

The lake lies to the west of the academy and is visible from all the windows of the school. Surrounding the lake are a variety of hiking trails and nature loops, some of which extend into the forest beyond while others are a quick and perfect for a jog. The depth of the lake varies drastically; towards the shore, it's shallow and perfect for swimming while beyond it, it deepens. Rumor has it that there is a bell located at the center of the lake that only rings once a year on the winter solstice, but no one has any proof of this.

The Lake's real name is known only by the headmistress and a few of the island's oldest inhabitants. Saying the lakes name is said to unleash a protective spell over the academy….or a lifetime supply of spicy chicken sandwiches. The rumors are unclear and make little sense.

The Lake is filled with a variety of freshwater creatures and is one of the largest freshwater supplies on the island.

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