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-======Nullification Bracelets====== +(you probably meant to go to the [[nullification_bracelets|Nullification Bracelets]] page)
-Along with glamours, nullification bracelets ​(or colloquially,​ "power bracelets"​ or "null bracelets"​) are one of the most common magical items available on Manta Carlos. These devices see use in law enforcement and in medical facilities. They have also been used to help private citizens manage the side-effects of their own supernatural abilities, or to reduce ​the risks these abilities pose to others. +
- +
-=====What Do They Do, Exactly?​===== +
-Null bracelets negate an individuals powers and species abilities, setting them at a more human standard. Depending on the type of null bracelet, these may simply prevent the individual from expressing their powers outwards, they might eliminate all capabilities that differ from a human'​s,​ or they might block the use of only a single power or type of power. +
- +
-====Types==== +
-There are three main types of Null bracelet: +
-- **General Purpose ​Nullification Bracelets**: Null bracelets of this type are specifically intended on preventing powers from effecting the outside world. Internal abilities (enhanced senses, natural weaknesses like an aversion to iron, and other abilities which do not effect the external worldare not blocked. However, external abilities are completely inaccessible to the wearer. While this includes more obvious '​external'​ abilities such as elemental manipulation or auras, this also effects the majority of borderline abilities. A dragon who builds fire internally in order to breath it will find themselves unable to do so. Similarly, shapeshifting is blocked. The best possible guideline is that if an effect is visible from the perspective of an outside observer, or if it has some kind of effect on something other than the character, it's probably blocked. This does mean that species who are naturally strong (such as a minotaur) will still be strong. However, a species whose strength is augmented by magic will find that augmentation removed. Police handcuffs are this variety, but are made of a much more durable metal than the average civilian bracelet. +
-- **Custom-Made Nullification Bracelets:​** Custom null bracelets are rare, crafted by enchanters for specific individuals. More common custom bracelets aim to disable specific '​types'​ of powers or weaknesses (such as elemental abilities, certain types of species abilities, auras, etc). It is difficult to disable a specific supernatural ability or weakness alone; a typical custom bracelet will often remove some related abilities the wearer finds beneficial. For example, someone might find that the bracelet they wear to remove their serious cold sensitivity also removes their control over fire or their resistance to extreme heat. More carefully crafted null bracelets can be made to disable a single specific weakness, but these can take months or years to create and are extremely expensive. A more general custom null bracelet (like disabling all aura powers) might be bought for a few thousand dollars. A more specific one might cost in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how many supernatural attributes it's intended to remove, and how many it has to not remove. Though considered a kind of bracelet, this kind of enchantment is often applied to other types of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, or necklaces. +
-- **Human-Capability Bracelets:​** One of these will force the wearer into a human form with human physiology. All of the wearer'​s senses, as well as their speed and strength, will be in line with the capabilities of a typical human body. The Manta Carlos Police Department'​s power nullification darts have the same effect as this kind of bracelet. The MCPD also has access to handcuffs with this effect, though these are typically reserved for extreme situations. +
- +
-====Side Effects==== +
-Null bracelets occasionally have unintended and strange side effects. These become more likely with prolonged wear, and may develop after days or weeks without any such effects. These adverse side effects are as varied as the powers they nullify, and may or may not have anything to do with the power being nullified. The most common side effects are aches, disorientation,​ and lack of energy. +
- +
-====Legally Required Failsafes==== +
-Civilian null bracelets come with an added fail safe, in order to prevent their misuse. All bracelets are set to detect when the wearer is close to death, at which point the bracelet will turn off. This is intended to allow wearers with regeneration powers to save themselves. Once the wearer is considered healthy again, the bracelet reactivates. +
- +
-While including this failsafe has been considered a best practice for years, there is a number of civilian bracelets in circulation without them. These failsafes are legally required for any new bracelets sold to civilians after May 1, 2018. The only organizations legally allowed to buy bracelets without this failsafe are hospitals; such bracelets assist in surgeries performed on those with supernatural healing. +
- +
-Police null handcuffs have a similar version of the fail safe, but far less exploitable. Immediately before death, the bracelet deactivates,​ sending a signal to police headquarters. However, in the event the healing goes through even slightly, the bracelet reactivates,​ keeping the wearer from fully healing as a civilian bracelet would. +
- +
-===== Obtaining and Owning a Bracelet ===== +
-General purpose or human capability null bracelets may be medically prescribed or legally required, depending on circumstances. In these cases, the cost of a bracelet is handled by the Manta Carlos government. +
- +
-Those without a state mandated need for a null bracelet may purchase a single null bracelet for their own use. Anyone purchasing a null bracelet must present a valid identification showing that they are over 18 years old (or human equivalent). Every legally purchased null bracelet has a serial number which can be traced to the one who purchased it. Parents purchasing bracelets for their children can register the bracelet under their child'​s name, but until the child turns 18 it will also be marked under their name (although it won't count against the one-per-person limit). +
- +
-Using a Null bracelet on someone against their will (that is, forcing it onto them to nullify their abilities) is considered a form of assault. It is acceptable as a form of self-defense,​ or to protect others from the wearer. +
- +
-When one is required by law (or Starlight Academy rules) to wear a power nullifying bracelet, it is often a locking bracelet which can only be removed using a key. Bracelets that are not used for these purposes typically do not have locks.+
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