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 ==Lamias== ==Lamias==
-((By [[http://​starlightacademy.net/​member.php?action=profile&​uid=376|Saryn]]))+By [[http://​starlightacademy.net/​index.php?members/​saryn.259/​|Saryn]]
-A lamia is a being originating from greek mythology, though now a days they in many different places. They have the upper body of a human woman, and the lower body of a snake, ​their tails have lengths ranging from 10 feet to 40. Lamias ​are predatory carnivores ​that usually live in different desert communities. Lamias are Poikilotherms which means they dont have a stable internal ​body temperature and most relay on outside ​heat sourcesThe tail of a Lamia is extremely strong, capable of rending ​steel, ​though ​the tip is a very sensitive area. Lamias are carnivores, which means they have about twenty times less the tastebuds as Omnivores. Lamias shed their skin once in awhile just like snakes, they also find being seen shedding skin to be the most embarrassing thing possible. +A lamia has the upper half of a human (generally a woman), and the flower ​body of a snake. While Lamias are traditionally considered to be a part of Greek myththere are dozens of variants across other cultures, including Naga and Melusine. Lamia differ drastically in size, but are generally anywhere between ​10 feet and 40 feetGenerally, Lamia are predatory carnivores ​and lack the ability to produce their own body heat. Lamia tails are extremely strong, capable of bending ​steel, ​and often shed the skin of their scale regularly.
- +
-Lots of sterotypes float around about Lamias, mostly about how they eat babies, or how they lured men into their lairs to feat on their blood. While at one point most Lamias did this, that time has long passed.+
 +Lamia are sometimes mistaken for succubus, and are often considered to be demons.
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