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-They're gnot gnoblins+====== Summary ====== 
 +Gnomes, also called house elves, are spirits that are usually bonded with a building or other built structure or location. ​They act as the caretakers and guardians of that location and any people that live within said location. 
 +===== Species & Habitat ===== 
 +Most gnomes live near human habitat or in it, since being bonded to a property or location is vital for them. If a gnome is not bound to a place its quality of life and even lifespan shortens and ultimately the gnome will disappear. There are multiple type of gnomes, most known are domestic gnomes, that take care of building and human properties. But there are also forest gnomes, who are one kind of nature spirits and take care of groves and other small parts of a forest, and the areas they take care of always flourish.  
 +Gnomes live in all parts of the planet and are known in different names and are believed to have different kinds of natures in different cultures.
-They'​re gnot gnelfs 
-They'​re gnomes 
-Emirose has gnomed us. Or, soon shall, once this page gets filled with their info.  
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