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   * Vulnerable to Magic   * Vulnerable to Magic
   ​   ​
-  ​ 
-   ===== Subtypes: ===== 
-==== Elder Dragons: ==== 
-by [[http://​starlightacademy.net/​member.php?​action=profile&​uid=784|Thoth]] 
-Elder dragons are a subtype of western dragons that are occasionally mistaken for wyverns. An elder dragon had a sold pair of hind legs, and then a pair of front legs that also double as wings. While technically lacking the four-legs-two-wings setup that most western dragons have, the bones and musculature on the front pair of appendages make them closer to legs than most dragon'​s wings, giving them the ability to move quickly on land that most wyverns lack. Elder dragons are notable primarily for their size and age - almost all existing Elder dragons are already thousand years old, and younger dragons are extremely rare. Elder dragons, while relatively normal sized for a dragon, will continue to grow throughout their lives, to the point where an elder dragon that has died a natural death could easily be 150 meters long. While not immortal, elder dragons have excellent regenerative capabilities,​ and routinely live to be six thousand years old. 
-Elder dragons have no magical capability, but can often produce other effects, the most common being acid spit and fire breath. While it might take thousands of years, elder dragons are fully capable of compressing their size, as well as taking on a form of their choosing, most commonly human. While capable of taking different forms, most dragons only ever take on a single form, or two at the most, largely due to lack of use. 
 ===== Presence on the Manta Carlos Islands and Starlight Academy: ===== ===== Presence on the Manta Carlos Islands and Starlight Academy: =====
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