Dragon is a blanket term used to describe several species that share the common trait of being a creature with a reptilian or serpent-like shape and typically includes the abilities to produce fire (or a similar substance) and fly.

These species may include, but are not limited to: the Dragon (Eastern), Dragon (Western), Wyrm, and the Wyvern.

Common Powers:

Powers among Dragons vary, but frequently include:

  • Breath Weapon, Commonly Fire
  • Flight
  • Immunity or Resistance to Fire
  • Ability to regenerate limbs, organs
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Immortality
  • Production of Magic, Ability to Use Magic
  • Armor-like skin
  • Magical body parts
  • Poison production, Poison-immunity
  • Acidic Spit
  • Acidic Blood
  • Extreme Size
  • Supernatural or Increased Senses
  • Increased intelligence
  • Ability to Communicate with Birds
  • Ability to Communicate with Humans
  • Ability to influence, control, or produce weather or weather phenomenon
  • Shapeshifting

Common Weaknesses:

Weaknesses among Dragons vary, but frequently include:

  • Inability to regenerate specific organ or body part
  • Susceptibility to greed
  • Soft or Weak Underbelly, Heart
  • Limits to fire or other breath power
  • Vulnerable Young
  • Vulnerable to Magic

Presence on the Manta Carlos Islands and Starlight Academy:

The Manta Carlos Islands have always had a sizable dragon population, though its size fluctuates by the year.

The Jerzyk Krawkoviakski Scholarship:

The Jerzyk Krawkoviakski scholarship is a scholarship available to Dragon Students for elementary, high school, and college level. The scholarship covers tuition fees, textbooks, and housing. In exchange for the scholarship funding, students must volunteer at least five hours each semester to the preservation and awareness for historical objects. Many times, students will volunteer for an event at the museum to meet this requirement, but occasionally, special occurrences will arise that allow students an educational opportunity to join staff or citizens to pick-up a magical object from a predetermined location for transference to the Jerzyk Krawkoviaksi bank.

Jerzyk Krawkoviakski Bank:

The Jerzyk Krawkoviakski Bank is a small bank run on the island that is dedicated to the storage, preservation, and protection of old magical objects. The bank was named after Jerzyk the Dragon who moved to the Manta Carlos Islands after facing persecution in his homeland. When Jerzyk died, his will dictated that his massive hoard should be invested into a scholarship fund for Dragon Students at the Starlight Academy.

The bank currently houses old, magical objects in exchange for a yearly deposit that helps fun the Jerzyk Krawkoviakski scholarship. The objects are guarded magically and within a massive underground vault. Rumor has it that the ghost of Jerzyk helps guard these rare treasures as well.

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