Diseases of Manta Carlos

Manta Carlos draws a wide range of people to its land, whether from magical communities around the world, from space, or from other universes entirely. Many of the island's diverse immigrants brought with them a diverse array of diseases for the citizens and health professionals of Manta Carlos to deal with. There are also a few diseases unique to Manta Carlos, whether because it is a disease from another place which mutated on Manta Carlos or because the conditions on Manta Carlos have created them for some other reason.

This page exists to document diseases which can be found on Manta Carlos, but not in the narrow reality.

Reality Dissonance

(By Kait)

Reality Dissonance, or “New Kid Syndrome” is an umbrella term for a class of psychiatric disorders most commonly suffered on MCI. The disorder is characterized by the firm belief, or intense anxiety, that the islands and their experiences on it are not real. It should be noted that merely having a sneaking suspicion that the island is not real does not mean that one has the disorder - this only constitutes a “disorder” when it interferes with one's ability to function in everyday life.

In the most common and most well-known cases, the sufferer, typically a relatively new student at the Academy, learns that something which they had believed was surely only fictional is actually real. This leads to the sudden 'realization' that nothing they have experienced on the island could possibly be real, which is followed by severe stress, and in some cases, a psychotic break. Case studies suggest that these episodes are often preceded by stray thoughts or sneaking suspicions that the world the patient is living in is not real, and that in the 'real world' he or she is actually in a coma, or in an insane asylum, or dead.

Acute stress is present in the most common forms of the disorder, but it is not present in all of them. Some Reality Dissonance sufferers instead fall gradually into depression, sometimes accompanied by delusional outbursts.

Usually, therapy is sufficient to treat the disorder. In the more extreme cases, therapy can be supplemented with anti-psychotic medication.

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