Death on the Manta Carlos Islands

Death on the Manta Carlos Islands is treated significantly differently than in other parts of the world. Part of this is due to the inhabitants' unique relationship with death and that, in many cases, death may not be final.

For example, the presence of reapers, necromancers, and spellcasters may be able to prevent an individual from dying while ghosts, ghouls, and other undead provide the opportunity for an individual to continue living long after their physical body has ceased to exist. However, this may not be an option for every individual, and death is still an inevitable and unpleasant certainty that residents take great care to avoid.

Despite the flexibility of death, individuals who have lost someone in their life to death are still treated with compassion and respect. All businesses, organizations, and schools are required to offer a bereavement leave to an individual who has been significantly impacted by the loss of the deceased.

Funeral Services

There are a variety of religious, spiritual, cultural, and magical beliefs and customs on the island. As such, funeral services are typically arranged according to the deceased's preference. There are a variety of representations of funeral services on the island. For those individuals who have died unexpectedly or who did not have a strong preference, the Manta Carlos Funeral Association works to connect the grieving members to funeral services.

The majority of funeral services take place at the Cemetery located in the woods. The cemetery is serene and peaceful and has a variety of amenities to accommodate the deceased and the grieving.

Do not Revive Clauses

Many individuals choose to have a DNR (do not revive) clause added into their will. This clause makes it unlawful for an individual to summon, reanimate, revive, or otherwise disturb the final resting place of the deceased.

Body Donation

An individual on the Manta Carlos Islands has the option to have their body donated to a variety of causes. These causes may be medical, in that part of the body such as the organs might be used for transplant or the creation of medicines or spell components.

In the case of magical creatures whose bodies contain properties historically used in potions or other spells, the body may be donated to the school in order to further the continuation of learning. Proper care and respect is given. The family members of the deceased who donate their body to such causes are typically reimbursed financially, and the deceased have a memorial brick dedicated to them in the pathway to the cemetery.

A controversial but highly necessary form of body donation comes from individuals who chose to have their body donated for consumption purposes. Many of the inhabitants have special dietary needs which may include the flesh of humans and other sapient creatures, but hunting and feasting on any sapient life is forbidden on the island. As a result, the donation of a body for cloning and creating flesh is greatly appreciated and currently considered one of the highest forms of service to the community.

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