The Afterlife

The subject of the afterlife is a popular topic, especially for those who have just arrived on the island. On an island populated by gods, angels, demons and monsters, the subject of life after death is an important and controversial one.

While there's no clear, definitive answer, a general cosmology has been established, and is understood by most occupants of the island to be as clear as it's ever likely to get. There are exceptions at all levels, and for every declaration, there are exceptions.

The Mortal Realm

The Mortal Realm, commonly known as Earth, the mundane realm, the known universe, and so on, is the realm that Manta Carlos is located in. The majority of the occupants of the Mortal realm are, as implied, mortal, and tend to have limited lifespans.

The Immortal Realm

The Immortal Realm, commonly known as the world beyond, the life after, the afterlife, and so on, is a realm understood to be beyond the Mortal Realm. It is not above it, or physically related to the Mortal Realm in any way, but instead in an alternate dimension of sorts, which could be pictured as being a layer stacked atop the Mortal Realm.

The Immortal Realm contains many subsections. The general rule of thumb is that if someone believes in it, it probably exists in the Immortal Realm. All variety of afterlives for mortals exist here, whether Heavens, Hells, or anything in between. Reincarnation is also represented, primarily in the form of much smaller realms which help process recently passed souls.

The exact nature of the sorting that happens is a mystery, and unclear even to the gods themselves. Most people end up in the afterlife which is most relevant to their belief system. A Christian would end up in a Christian Heaven, a believer in Buddhism might end up in a Naraka, and so on. Even so, this is not a guaranteed thing, and there have been many cases of mortals becoming misplaced for strange reasons.

The residents of Immortal Realms are not necessarily immortal, but the majority are. Some have specific duties and live their lives only doing those duties, while others have lives which closely mirror the lives of mortals.


Beyond is generally understood to be the third realm, existing past the bounds of understanding by either mortals or immortals. The exact nature of beyond is subject for debate, but while most people agree it exists, no one can agree on what it actually is, or who might reside there.

Beyond is the closest equivalent to an afterlife for immortals. When those in the Mortal Realms die, they pass to the Immortal Realms, and when those in the Immortal Realms die, they pass on to beyond.

Movement Between Realms

Generally speaking, movement between realms is one way. Mortals, upon death, are spirited away to the afterlife that most closely reflects their own beliefs. While the death of an immortal is rare, immortals who pass on are transported to the beyond.

In times past, the passing of immortals from the Immortal Realm to the Mortal Realm was an oddity. Since the dawn of the Manta Carlos Islands, this has become increasingly common. Immortals passing into the Mortal Realm to visit the islands are now a regular event, while former mortals returning to the earth (whether via resurrection or otherwise) is considered more rare.

By comparison, there has never been a recorded instance of any being passing from the Beyond back into either the Immortal or Mortal realms.

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