Manta Carlos City

The city of Manta Carlos has about 600 years of history as a sanctuary for those who can't exist elsewhere. Of these, only the last 100 years are well-represented in the city's architecture. Cordelia Moor's arrival brought with it a boom in economic development, which in turn led to a vast improvement in the city's access to building materials and techniques, which means that much of the older buildings (primarily wooden shacks) were destroyed to make way for new ones. Most of the island's population is also a result of the last century of immigration and settlement. This leaves the island with a small minority of 'native' descendants of pirates and refugees who are not supernatural, though most of them have taken up some sort of magical study in the last few generations. Discrimination against these natives is not unheard of, but highly uncommon in this day and age and discouraged by law.

After the initial booms in population and economy brought in by Cordelia Moor, the city has stabilized into a steady upward curve in both sectors. A large part of the city's population growth can be accounted for by Starlight Academy's recruitment policies; many of the students brought to the island become permanent residents and raise families there. About 20% of the island's current adult inhabitants immigrated as students.

Manta Carlos City is the epicenter of a global shadow market in supernatural goods, importing and exporting goods to and from anywhere with a supernatural population. Certain people on the island have become very wealthy from all this trade.

The booming economy, along with mysterious donors from around the world, has given the city access to an almost inexhaustible budget for infrastructure and social services. Healthcare and education are free for everyone on the island, and the island's magically-enhanced public transportation is so efficient and affordable that few residents own cars.


The city center of Manta Carlos is the epicenter of its government and its culture. Busy ports carry people straight into market squares with wonderous magical goods and civic centers with spectacular street performances and events. City Hall is always buzzing with people, whether due to its status as the hub of the municipal government or as a public event center. For those who prefer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, the downtown area is also home to most of the island's museums, which curate magical artifacts and the histories of cultures unknown to the Narrow Reality of the outside world. The downtown area is also home to the city's finest restaurants and hotels.

At night, the city comes alive in ways that no other city can claim. This is when the nocturnally inclined citizens, vampires and others, truly begin their days and go about their lives, buying and selling and working and living just like their day-walking counterparts. When one says that Manta Carlos never sleeps, they actually mean it. But the city also has a vibrant night life in the more traditional sense, with dance clubs, strip clubs, and even legal brothels all to be found on or near the Strip, Manta Carlos's red light district.


The Manta Carlos Islands are home to not only the students and teachers, but the citizens who call the island their homes. New arrivals to the island typically stay in a boarding home or foster home until they are able to afford their own places. Many citizens are willing to rent out rooms to new arrivals in exchange for housework or errands. Kindness and cooperation are king in the community.

There are a variety of lifestyles on the island. Apartments may range from tiny, studio apartments to expensive lofts overlooking the city. Single family homes and townhomes in the suburbs are only a short drive away from the working area. For those looking for something more rural, there are homes and properties available in the eastern side of the island with the agricultural districts.

Almost no one lives on the islets surrounding the academy. However, there are several staff members that spend a significant amount of time on the northwest islet and have semi-permanent residences there.

There are a few communities, particularly in the more isolated agricultural district, with portals that transport individuals back to the Main City. Like the island itself, the residential areas are a melting pot, though there are a few pocketed areas that may have a higher density of same species over the other and may temporarily gain a nickname like HellStreet or Wolftown.

The hospital is located between the residential district and the city. Portals and ambulances are available almost immediately even to the furthest reaches of the island to ensure the most adequate health care for all the island's inhabitants.

Oceania Park

The local park located in the heart of the city, full of greenery and wildlife. Playgrounds and hiking trails are some features of this recreational hotspot.

The Oceania Park is one of the most serene places in the entire city. In the spring and summer, it is a favorite spot for picnics. There are playgrounds for children (human and otherwise) near the edge of the park. The eastern portion of the park is pet-friendly, as are the variety of trails that cater to joggers and walkers a like.

There are a few pavilions for use in the park and small reflection ponds. Bird, magical and mundane, like to visit the many benches hoping for lost crumbs. The park is a favored spot for official city events, like the annual Picnic in the Park and the Treelighting Ceremony.

The Underground

The underground is a district within the Manta Carlos City dedicated completely to the needs and wishes of the supernatural. Alchemical supplies, potions stores, wand shops, fortune tellers, spell books, and other magical supply shops are common here. However, the underground also has a reputation for being the heart of the Manta Carlos City's black market. Many of the store owners will have extra “special” goods for sale if you know the right things to ask for.

The Underground is housed in the older part of the town. The buildings are mostly cobblestone or brick and are close together so much of the underground has a shady feel to it, even at high noon. The streets and alleyways are cobbled and the air is always cooler in this part of the city. The Underground is home to a few restaurants and bars that cater specifically to non-human crowds and serve up a variety of interesting dishes.

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